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Introducing our Plush Chenille Dining Chair, the epitome of comfort and style for your dining space. The Georgia dining chair is designed to be your new favorite seat in the house, offering a combination of plush, textured fabric and comfortable cushioning. Its sophisticated design is sure to elevate the look of any dining room, while providing the perfect spot to relax, enjoy your meals, and engage in conversations with family and friends. Indulge in the luxurious comfort of our Plush Chenille Dining Chair. The soft and textured fabric creates a cozy seating experience that enhances the overall dining ambiance. The cushioning ensures optimum support, making it ideal for long meals or extended gatherings.


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  • Seat Depth : 15
  • Seat Width : 19.7
  • Item Dimensions (in.) : 19.7"W x 21"D x 31.5"H
  • Arm Height : 19.3
  • Item Height (in.) : 14.5
  • Item Depth (in.) : 21
  • Item Height (in.) : 31.5
  • Item Width (in.) : 19.7
  • Item Weight (lbs.) : 16.7
  • General Item Color : Grey
  • Leg Color : Light Grey
  • Leg Material : ChenillePine
  • Fixed/Adjustable shelves : No
  • Item Materials : Chenille Wood
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Attic : No
  • Soft Close : No
  • Style Name : Georgia-Chair
  • Swatch Code : BUBLES #21
  • Commercial Use Type : Not Provided

Plush and textured fabric
Comfortable cushioning
Perfect spot to relax and enjoy meals
Stylish and sophisticated design
Elevates the look of any dining room

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